Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So sore!!!

So I worked out way too hard yesterday and can barely move. It's a good pain, but still pain.

My absolute fav go-to muscle fixer…
Badger Ginger, Arnica & Cayenne Massage Oil
link to purchase here

~ Arnica ~

Arnica has been a natural remedy through the ages in the form of a topical application.  
It actually does work for muscle and cartilage pain, swelling and such that comes with sprains, aches, inflamed areas, and joint problems.  
The rub I prefer is a massage oil of ginger, arnica, cayenne, vitamin E, & whole plant oils… 

Ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  The compounds are effective for stiff, aching muscles & joints. Antioxidants in ginger suppress toxic free radicals that promote tissue damage & inflammation.  

Cayenne contains capsaicin, a substance that is effective at blocking pain.  It tricks the brain into thinking that the skin is being exposed to extreme heat and allows the nervous system to respond by releasing a neurotransmitter until no more pain signals can travel from that area to the brain.

This massage oil is always on the ready in my house… love this stuff!

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