Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Happily we bask in this warm September sun,
Which illuminates all creatures..."
~  Henry David Thoreau 

Autumn approaches, the air feels a bit cooler, and I find myself relocating my home workspace to a more inspired venue... outside!  

Attached to my kitchen, it proves a wonderful place & a lovely way to enjoy nature whilst taking care of business.  

Throughout the season, I will adapt the decor to the surroundings, creating a bit of harmony conducive to productive inspiration!

Let us do what we may to be inspired!

~ Phoebe

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mother Nature's Message

Nature Comments & Graphics

I've always loved thunderstorms.  So powerful.  Majestic.  Beautiful.  
Thrilling and comforting at the same time.

So here I sit amidst the forewarning of distant sounds in the skies, simply taken by the peacefulness of the rain, contemplating on Mother Nature's ways... she is indeed beautiful.  She reminds us to slow down, appreciate her, respect her, and to maintain a certain harmonious balance.  She urges us to reflect.  

The substance of the winds is too thin for human eyes, 
their written language is too difficult for human minds, 
and their spoken language mostly too faint for the ears.  
~John Muir

Most likely we will lose power this evening, and I will then realize the challenge of old world style cooking.  This idea actually sort of excites me, and am a bit looking forward to putting my skills to the test.  Improvisation, creativity, fresh ingredients, freshly clipped herbs from the garden, and a flame or two... hmmm, think I'm going to enjoy this!

A lovely meal and candlelight... what an evening it will be 
with rain, wind, & thunder to keep us company.

Her message remains timeless, live in balance with nature, & enjoy the wonder!

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.  
~Author Unknown

Hope & Wishes for everyone's good health & safety ~ please stay well!  

~ Phoebe

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Herbal Remedies... being outlawed?

Hundreds of herbal remedies now outlawed across Europe

(NaturalNews) Live in Europe? Get your herbs while they last. New rules put forth by the European Union (EU) will ban the sale of certain herbal remedies that have been used for centuries.

Traditional herbs such as St. John's Wort or Echinacea must now meet strict licensing guidelines in order to be sold, while other lesser-known herbs that haven't been "traditionally" used in the last 30 years won't even make the cut to reach consumer shelves. Only those products that have been "assessed" by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will be available for purchase. The real kicker? Even approved products will only be recommended for minor ailments such as the common cold, which means that product labeling may no longer be allowed to convey the potent health benefits of widely-used herbal remedies.

Richard Woodfield, MHRA head of herbal medicine policy, claims that the new regulations empower the consumer: "The current signs are that the [herbal remedy] market will be lively and competitive. The key difference for consumers is that in the future they will be in the driving seat and able to make an informed choice when they wish to use these medicines."

Banning widely-used natural substances that may help cure or prevent illness promotes "informed" choices?

The most disturbing part? These regulations point to a movement toward complete restriction of herbal products and the idea that pharmaceutical companies may someday have patents on herbal remedies.

Not only do these laws threaten the livelihood of nutritionists, herbalists and holistic healthcare providers across Europe, but they put consumers in a lose-lose situation: go without herbal remedies or run the risk of purchasing them online.

Herbal products still on shelves will be for sale until their expiration dates. Stock up while you can.
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