Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Warmth on a Cold Winter's Day…

~ green tea latte ~


I have to admit, I love snow.  I love winter.  It makes appreciating those special little things like getting cozy that much more special.  After all, how can there be such a harmonious balance of awesomeness without such "polar" opposites?  lol… anyway, this morning I decided to celebrate the loveliness and beauty of winter by treating myself and concocting a yummy green tea latte!  Yum!

~ ingredients ~

hemp milk (only because I'm slightly allergic to almond milk)
Himalayan white honey

1 teaspoon of matcha, heat milk (do not boil) & add, stir in honey to taste depending on one's own desire for sweetness… there should be a slight froth on top… sprinkle some cinnamon on top & add a lil love!
oh, just made these apple cider donuts this morning, all natural ingredients of course…
great pairing with my green tea latte!

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